Movies Anywhere: Free Your Purchases from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Vudu

If you've ever bought a movie on the internet, you'll want to check this out. Movies Anywhere is a collaboration between five of the biggest movie makers and four of the biggest online movie stores, and the result is something I never expected to see.

You can buy your movies basically anywhere you want (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play (Youtube), or Vudu), and they'll show up in your library everywhere else!

I've bought about 25 movies over the years in iTunes and a handful of movies on Amazon. Now that I've signed up for Movies Anywhere and connected my accounts, I can watch them wherever I want.


  • My library is consolidated.
  • I can buy movies wherever they're cheaper or in whichever app/site I happen to be in.
  • I can watch those purchases in whichever app is most convenient. For the big screen at home that means Apple TV. For my laptop that means Youtube.


  • This only applies to five movie studios
    • 20th Century Fox
    • Sony Pictures
    • Universal
    • Disney
    • WB
  •  This doesn’t apply to TV shows.

Setting Up Movies Anywhere

It's super simple:.

  1. Go to Movies Anywhere's website.
  2. Create a free account.
  3. Connect whichever accounts you want (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Vudu). 
    • After you connect your first account, you'll get Ice Age and Ghostbusters for free.
    • After you connect a second account, you'll get Big Here 6, Jason Bourne, and The Lego Movie for free.
  4. Give it a bit, and all your purchases (plus the five free movies Movies Anywhere gifts you) will show up in all of your connected accounts.

So if you've bought 10 movies on iTunes and 3 on Amazon. All 13 will show up in both places. And if like me, you've never bought a movie from Google Play, as long as you connect your account. All the movies you've bought elsewhere will show up in Youtube on the left tab under Purchases.


Movies Anywhere Apps

Movies Anywhere has it's own set of apps all over the place (screenshot below). You can check them out if you're interested, but I find it myself primarily watching through Apple's Movies apps or on Youtube.


Photo by Jens Kreuter on Unsplash

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