Go Watch “App: The Human Story”

My friend Steve Aquino recently shared that App: A Human Story was released to the world. Steve was one of the people interviewed for the documentary.

Watch the trailer below, and if you're at all interested, spend a couple bucks and support indie film makers.

Some of the early reviews:

There’s a segment of the developer community that approaches their work as craft, not mere work. They make apps that aren’t just used, but that are loved. ‘App: The Human Story’ perfectly captures the ethos of this community in the explosive early years of the App Store. The film tracks many threads but tells one story: how apps became a fundamental part of our daily lives and culture.
— John Gruber, Daring Fireball
App: The Human Story is about my people. It’s a loving portrait of a culture that I adore and the people who make it go. The film deftly threads together stories and ideas from the communities and craftspeople who dedicate their lives to the common goal of empowering humanity through software. And by the end, the viewer senses a rich tapestry of tension and triumph that make up the universe of this new cultural unit of progress—the app—and the reasons why it will propel us into a better future.
— Adam Lisagor, Sandwich Video
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