Fantastical 2: My Favorite Calendar App

Since I began blogging, I’ve reviewed two calendar apps—Peek Calendar and Cal by To be honest, I like them both quite a bit, but for power users there may be a better option—Fantastical. Fantastical is an award-winning calendar and to-do app for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Purpose & Functionality

Fantastical provides all the necessary calendar functionality in a beautifully designed UI with the added benefits of natural language input, powerful search and a customizable notification center widget.

Rating: simplicity, usefulness, beauty and necessity

  • Simplicity. (9/10) Fantastical makes creating new to-dos and events as easy as speaking. Type or speak (using Siri) “lunch at Tito’s Pizza every Friday at noon with Jon and Tory,” and Fantastical will create a recurring event with all the details in the right fields.
  • Usefulness. (10/10) Like most calendar apps, Fantastical is incredibly useful. Fantastical supports any calendar available in the native iOS calendar—iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, Yahoo and others.
  • Beauty. (9/10) Fantastical offers dark and light modes, customizable calendar colors, an interactive notification center widget and more. All this is available beneath an intuitive UI, easy-to-read typography and smooth animations. It’s truly a beautifully designed app on every platform.
  • Necessity. (8/10) The native iOS 8 calendar app is good, but for those of you who want something a little bit more, Fantastical is the best app available.
  • Stickiness. (7/10) Calendar apps aren’t incredibly sticky for me, but since Fantastical has been lauded as the best Calendar app for years, it may just pass the test of time.


You can download Fantastical for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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