2 Apps That Improve Your Mac

We can all use help with our productivity, and if you’re anything like me, you often find productivity boosts from apps. For the past week I’ve been using two Mac apps for their free trial periods, and I have found them incredibly useful. Today I’d like to share a brief overview of these two apps—Bartender and Dropzone 3. They may be exactly what you need to improve your Mac.

Side Note: Free trial periods should be available in the Mac and iOS app stores.

Bartender: Menu Bar Organizer

Bartender makes organizing your Mac menu bar incredibly simple. It allows you to completely hide menu bar items, place them on the Bartender menu bar, rearrange all the items on both menu bars and have menu bar icons appear only when they are being updated.

This is a small app, but it has proven itself quite useful. As you can see in the screenshot above, I have cleaned up my Mac menu bar quite a bit. I only have the clock and Bartender visible. I’ve removed several apps from both menu bars and only included key apps on the Bartender menu bar.

Bartender offers a 4 week free trial on their website.

Dropzone 3: Turbocharge drag and drop on your Mac

Dropzone 3 is another simple app that has proven useful to me. It provides a “drop zone” for completing common actions. I personally find myself using it for adding files to folders, tweeting images and sending files with iMessage, AirDrop or Mail, but it is completely customizable to your personal workflow.

Dropzone 3 is available free for a trial period from the developer website.

If you decide to try out Dropzone 3 or Bartender, please let me know what you think. I’d love to hear how you customize them for your workflow, if you plan on buying one or both and what your favorite features are.

Timothy Buck