Cal by A Simple Calendar for iOS

Cal by brings simplicity and personality to your calendar. The tagline “Your life. Your Calendar.” communicates how Cal customizes itself to each user. What makes Cal feel so personal to me is how it emphasizes the people that I live life with. Cal even subtly pulls context-appropriate images from flickr for the background.

Purpose & Functionality

Cal is a simple calendar that integrates seamlessly with (a to-do app that I will be reviewing in the next week).

Rating: simplicity, usefulness, beauty and necessity

  • Simplicity. (8/10) Cal provides as much information as any other Calendar app without feeling cluttered.
  • Usefulness. (9/10) I use my calendar all day everyday, and Cal never let me down.
  • Beauty. (9/10) Cal’s use of images sets it apart from competitors.
  • Necessity. (9/10) Cal adds personality to your calendar. It is a joy to use, and for me that’s necessary.
  • Stickiness. (8/10) I could see myself using Cal consistently for a long time.


You can download Cal in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for Free.

Header image from the Cal press kit

Timothy Buck