Building a Consumer Business within a Company Built on Contractor Partnerships

Ygrene Energy Fund is a PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) financing company that has grown remarkably fast. Ygrene helps property owners pay for clean energy improvements to their homes or commercial buildings. The vast majority of Ygrene's growth has come through partnerships with contractors—i.e. contractors become certified with Ygrene, and they offer our financing to their customers. 

The executive team set to build a direct to consumer business channel. I was pulled in as the primary representative from the tech and product organizations.

Standing Up Advanced Marketing, Analytics, and Sales Systems

We already had Salesforce implemented for some pieces of our business, but it was not being used anywhere close to its potential. We brought in Salesforce consultants to speed up our development process, and quickly enabled our Inside Sales Team (the team that interacts with potential customers who come directly to us without a contractor).

Automated remark

A data warehouse, advanced user tagging, dashboards with Tealium.

Creating and Optimizing a Property Owner Digital Experience

Basic Flow






Account Creation

Ability to Pay

Construction to Complete