Custom Camera and Encrypted Upload Streaming

Ygrene is a clean energy financing company, empowering people to switch to solar, install efficient heating and air systems, and make their homes and businesses greener. A large portion of its business flows through contractors (B to B to C). For example, when a solar contractor and a property owner have agreed to work together to add solar to a home, the next question is often, “how would you like to pay for this?” If the property owner is interested in financing the work, contractors offer Ygrene as an option and help them through the process of being approved.

The Problem

One way that a property owner can apply is through Ygrene’s iOS and Android apps for contractors. The contractor hands over their iPad and the property owner follows the process. For legal reasons in some cases, the property owner needs to submit proof of income documentation. We offer many different ways to do this (for example connecting bank accounts), but in some cases, the property owner has this documentation on paper. They want to take photos of the W-2 or whatever it may be, but remember this is on the contractors device. We needed a way for the property owner to securely take photos on the contractor’s device, submit those photos, and not have to worry about their private information being saved on the device.

The Solution

Our solution to this problem was a custom camera, on-the-fly encryption, and streaming uploads.

I worked with our iOS, Android, and security engineers to develop a custom camera on Android and custom camera wrapper on iOS. Both allow property owners to tell us what document they were uploading, take photos, and for those photos to be encrypted and streamed to our servers without being saved to the device. Because of this solution, a property owner’s W-2 will not be interspersed with the contractor’s selfies.



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