You Are the Product, Amazon Design Theory and More

One: You Are the Product

"Christopher Deason stumbled upon the psychological questionnaire on June 9, 2014. He was taking a lot of online surveys back then, each one earning him a few dollars to help pay the bills. Nothing about this one, which he saw on an online job platform, struck him as “creepy or weird,” he said later."

Matthew Rosenberg and Gabriel J.X. Dance, The New York Times


Two: The Design Theory Behind Amazon's $5.6 Billion Success

"Amazon’s success brings into relief a principle that is sometimes hard to swallow in the design community: Successful design is not necessarily beautiful."

Jason Brush, Co.Design


Three: Here's how the US needs to prepare for the age of artificial intelligence

"Politicians worldwide are stealing one of the US government’s best ideas by drawing up ambitious plans to make the most of advances in artificial intelligence.

"These AI manifestos, penned in Paris, Beijing, and elsewhere, follow the example of the Obama administration, which released a report on the technology toward the end of its tenure. This report did not include funding, but it made it clear that AI should be a key focus of government strategy."

Will Knight, Technology Review


"If you missed Recode and MSNBC’s interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook — our latest “Revolution” TV special aired yesterday, April 6 — or want to hear more, enjoy this extended audio interview, conducted by Recode’s Kara Swisher and MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

"The uncut interview — in this special episode of Swisher’s Recode Decode podcast — includes new material that didn’t air on TV, such as more on Apple’s education efforts, manufacturing, immigration and Cook’s advice to his younger self."

Kara Swisher, Recode Decode


“This is going to be a never-ending battle,” said Mark Zuckerberg. He just gave the most candid look yet into his thoughts about Cambridge Analytica, data privacy and Facebook’s sweeping developer platform changes during a conference call with reporters today. Sounding alternately vulnerable about his past negligence and confident about Facebook’s  strategy going forward, Zuckerberg took nearly an hour of tough questions.

Josh Constine, Techcrunch


Photo by Piotr Cichosz on Unsplash