Workflow Update Restores Google Chrome and Pocket Actions

Federico Veticci reporting for MacStories:

"In the first update following Apple's acquisition in late March – and despite rumors that claimed the app would no longer be supported – Workflow has today restored some of the features that were removed in version 1.7.3 of the app (which was released when Apple confirmed the acquisition) and has brought a variety of changes and improvements, including new Apple Music actions.

"Notably, Workflow 1.7.4 restores integration with Google Chrome and Pocket, bringing back actions that allow users to open webpages in Google's browser and save articles to and retrieve them from the popular read-later service, respectively."

This is a good sign for Workflow users. These integration were probably removed until an agreement could be made between the companies involved and Apple. Hopefully some of the other integrations that were removed at the same time will find there way back as well. 

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