Wi-Fi Widget: Mini Review

Wi-Fi Widget is an app for iOS that makes it incredibly simple to see which network you're connected to, share your wifi password and test latency with a tap. Also if you tap the network you're connected to, it opens the iOS Wi-Fi Settings page.

That's it. It's meant to be used from the 'Today' View or by using 3D touch on the icon. When you open the app itself, it has the same functionality as the widget, along with some instructions and settings. If I'm honest, I'll probably hide this away in a folder and only use the 'Today' View widget. 

If you're wondering about security, passwords are safely stored in your iCloud Keychain and you can decide in setting whether the share password functionality is available when your phone is locked.

Wi-Fi Widget has an introductory sale price of $0.99, but when the sale ends it will cost $2.99. So if you're interested, I'd go download it now. 😀

Header image from Pixabay.

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