Why I Still Use Overcast

It has been four years since I wrote Reviewing Overcast: a Better Podcast App. I’ve tried a bunch of other podcast apps in those years—Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Castro, Stitcher, ‘sodes, Breaker, and probably others. But I didn’t stick with any of them for more than a few days. I keep using Overcast, every single day, year after year, and this is why.

All the Basics


Overcast covers all the basics, better than most.

  • Straightforward play controls

  • Playlists both smart and dumb

  • Smooth search and subscribe

  • Quick sleep timers

The design is not quite as fun as some others, but it’s incredibly practical, super clear, and easy to use.

Better Audio

Overcast Voice Boost on Iphone XS

Audio just sounds better in Overcast. This is particularly true when using smart audio features.

  • Voice Boost—Louder and clearer voices in any show.

  • Smart Speed—Speeds up episodes by shortening silences.

The Best Dark Mode

Overcast Dark Mode on Iphone XS

On an OLED screen, Black mode is the best dark mode. There’s not much more to say about it.

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