What the World’s Most Successful Tech Companies Can Teach Us About Failure

Despite having nearly endless resources and brilliant employees, the world’s most successful tech companies all release products that fail. Google’s Nexus Q, Apple’s Newton, Microsoft Bob, Facebook Credit and Amazon’s Fire Phone were all failures. But in each case, the company cut its losses, moved on and learned from its mistakes.

Jeff Bezos said of the Fire Phone,

”If you think that's a big failure, we're working on much bigger failures right now.”

Bezos understands that being afraid to fail will paralyze a company. It will stifle innovation and eventually stagnate growth.

You and I can learn from this mindset. Not everything we do will succeed. We will all fail at times.

This is not a new concept. We've all been told to use our failures as springboards for success, but if I’m honest with you, I still fear failure. At times I allow that fear to paralyze me. I’ll make the safe choice. I won’t write or ask or do that risky thing.

Today I hope to remind you and myself that, much like the world’s most successful tech companies, we will not grow if we’re not willing to fail.

Header image from Unsplash