Uber Freight Launches

Johana Bhuiyan writing for ReCode:

"Uber, known for its on-demand transportation services, today launched its newest app: A trucking dispatch service called Uber Freight.

"It works pretty much the same as Uber for everyday riders and drivers, in this case matching commercial shippers with truck drivers looking for a job. Freight rides can be booked several weeks in advance or on the same day."

This is a big announcement from Uber and an understandable strategy move. Uber is hoping to own transportation customer relationships—originally passengers and now freight shippers.

They're betting that self-driving vehicles will be here soon, and that when they arrive in force, owning a vehicle (for freight or for personal transportation) will become less common.

If it happens, owning the transportation customer relationships at scale will give them a lot of leverage.

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Header image from ReCode.

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