The Scale of Tech Winners, the Disintermediation of Search and More

One: Google's Search for the Sweet Spot

"...The question, though, is the market, and this is where I appreciate Pichai’s perhaps inadvertent honesty: Google is excited about AI because Google is good at AI; the success of AI as a differentiator, though, depends on whether or not there is a market for it. That remain to be seen..."

Stratechery, Ben Thompson


Two: Apple's Tim Cook on iPhones, augmented reality, and how he plans to change your world

"In a wide-ranging interview, the CEO of the biggest tech company in the world explains how AR will change our lives, and why he thinks the world is actually getting better."

Andrew Griffin, Independent


Three: Google and the Disintermediation of Search

"This week, the growing amounts Google pays phone makers and other companies to carry its search engine have been in the news as financial analysts have expressed concern over margin pressure. The growth in those traffic acquisition costs is certainly worth watching, but I’d argue that by far the larger strategic threat to Google comes from the growing disintermediation of search, something that’s also been in the news this week."

Jan Dawson, Tech.pinions


Four: The scale of tech winners

"We all know, I think, that there are now far more smartphones than PCs, and we all know that there are far more people online now than there used to be, and we also, I think, mostly know that big tech companies today are much bigger than the big tech companies of the past. It’s useful, though, to put some real numbers on that, and to get a sense of use how much the scale has changed, and what that means."

Benedict Evans,


Five: Microsoft's Satya Nadella on Charlie Rose

"Satya Nadella, chief executive officer of Microsoft, discusses his new book, 'Hit Refresh: The Quest to Rediscover Microsoft's Soul and Imagine a Better Future for Everyone.'"

Bonus: State Borders 😄

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