The Risk of Facebook's Video Pivot, SoundCloud's Collapse and More

One: The Risk of Facebook's Video Pivot

"Facebook on Wednesday afternoon unveiled its Watch tab, which will be the new home for video viewing on Facebook and serve as a showcase for existing as well as new and exclusive video within the app. This effort follows several months’ availability of Facebook’s apps for various TV platforms, which have served as a test of sorts for the new in-app video tab. Facebook is clearly hoping that its big video push makes it more competitive against YouTube and allows it to both increase time spent in its apps and generate higher ad revenue, but there are significant risks to this pivot."

Jan Dawson, Tech.pinions


Two: Facebook Muscles into Online Video

"Facebook is moving into short-form, professional video with Watch. It is a latecomer to the field, following similar moves by rivals such as Twitter, Snap, Spotify and Reddit. But Facebook could still wind up being a big winner."

Davey Alba, Wired


Three: The Inside Story Of SoundCloud's Collapse

"SoundCloud was once a platform beloved by listeners and creators, whose leaders hoped to revolutionize the music industry. Hamstrung by management mistakes and fierce competition, they never did. Here's the story of how it all came crashing down."

Ryan Mac, Buzzfeed


Four: Why Tech Execs are Eyeing a Run for Political Office

"There have been many stories written recently about Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg doing a tour of America to try and find out what people all over the US are thinking and are concerned with these days. He called it a fact finding trip and stated it had no political focus. But according to an article in Politico, Zuckerberg recently 'hired a Democratic pollster, Joel Benenson, a former top adviser to President Barack Obama and the chief strategist for Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign, as a consultant, according to a person familiar with the hire. Benenson’s company, Benenson Strategy Group, will be conducting research for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, the couple’s philanthropy.'"

Tim Bajarin, Tech.pinions


Five: Figma Wants Designers to Collaborate Google-Docs Style

"Screens were different a decade ago; thicker, wider, tethered to walls. There were screens in our pockets back then as well, though they weren't yet as hungry for eyes.

"Today's screens are far more advanced than the ones from 2007, but many of the tools graphic designers use to fill them with digital interfaces haven't changed much. In fact, a lot of designers still use Photoshop—the industry standard since before the iPhone days—to design the look of your Slack notifications and the layout of your Instagram feed."

Robbie Gonzalez, Wired


Bonus: Hedgehog Encouragement


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Photo by Daniel Gzz on Unsplash