The Jony Ive Interview, Microsoft Build vs Google i/o and More

One: Apple, Influence, and Ive

“Sir Jonathan Ive, Chief Design Officer of Apple, Inc., is sitting across from me at a seamless white oak table. We’ve met a few times before, and I know he cares about watches. He must, right? But I’ve never actually asked him. So I do. And thank God, he does – he recounts a tale of buying an Omega Speedmaster Professional in the early ’90s. I exhale, because the hypothesis of this interview, at least in my mind (likely not in Apple’s), is that the watch industry and its all-too-vocal supporters have got it all wrong. Jony, the creator of what is, by at least one definition, the number one watch on Earth, is a friend, not a foe. But, like any great question of power and influence, it’s not so simple."

Benjamin Clymer, HODINKEE


Two: Tech's Two Philosophies

"...That there are two philosophies does not necessarily mean that one is right and one is wrong: the reality is we need both. Some problems are best solved by human ingenuity, enabled by the likes of Microsoft and Apple; others by collective action. That, though, gets at why Google and Facebook are fundamentally more dangerous: collective action is traditionally the domain of governments, the best form of which is bounded by the popular will. Google and Facebook, on the other hand, are accountable to no one. Both deserve all of the recent scrutiny they have attracted, and arguably deserve more..."

Ben Thompson, Stratechery


Three: Google's software design is having a reformation

"Material Design launched in 2014, and it was mostly thought of as a new design language for Android — though it later came to the web and iOS. It had a bold idea: there should be a physicality to software design not unlike the physicality of paper. It should follow some rules that are almost physical, with layers of magic paper and strictures for how different software elements like buttons and drawers should behave."

Dieter Bohn, The Verge


Four: Microsoft Build & Google i/o: Compare and Contrast

"It would make an excellent title for a school essay, don’t you think? As much as this week was a bit of a logistical nightmare due to the two developer conferences overlapping, it was a great opportunity to directly compare the approach these two companies are taking on what has become a core area of their business: AI."

Carolina Milanesi


Five: Some Thoughts on Google Photos vs Apple Photos

"Google I/O is as good as any time to take stock of the disparate and polar opposite ideologies of Google and Apple when it comes to machine learning and privacy. And nowhere it is more evident than in their respective photos apps: Google Photos and Apple Photos."

Om Malik,


Bonus: Lego Hands

Photo from HODINKEE