The Future of AI, Facebook, Microsoft, Voice and AirPods

One: DeepMind Finds Way to Overcome AI’s Forgetfulness Problem

"DeepMind, the London-based artificial intelligence company owned by Alphabet Inc., claims it overcame a key limitation affecting one of the most promising machine learning technologies: the software’s inability to remember."

by Jeremy Khan, Bloomberg Technology


Two: Facebook Is Trying Too Hard

"...I would argue the rollout of My Day within Messenger is a symptom of a broader problem afflicting Facebook at the moment: it’s trying too hard, especially when it comes to new features."

by Jan Dawson, Tech.pinions


Three: What Satya Nadella did at Microsoft

"The world’s biggest software firm has transformed its culture for the better. But getting cloud computing right is hard."

The Economist


Four: Voice and the uncanny valley of AI (Why voice isn't the next platform.)

"Voice is a Big Deal in tech this year. Amazon has probably sold 10m Echos, you couldn't move for Alexa partnerships at CES, Google has made its own and, it seems, this is the new platform. There are a couple of different causes for this explosion, and, also, a couple of problems."

by Benedict Evans


Five: AirPods are Apple’s Best Product Since the iPad

"To say Apple’s product launches since the iPad have been underwhelming to Apple fans would be an understatement...Their one notable exception is Airpods, the most gloriously elegant, addicting and game-changing product that Apple has produced since the iPad."

by Jaxon Calacanis


(Bonus) Snap's VP of Product throws some shade at Instagram's Head of Product


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