The Facebook Current, Commercial Virtual Reality and More

One: The Facebook Current

“I thought something was going to get done,” lamented a friend, in reference to yesterday’s Senate hearing that featured a single witness: Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. “This was the moment of reckoning, but it just turned out to be a whimper — it’s just for show.”

"The sentiment seemed widespread on tech and media Twitter: there was a lack of specificity in terms of questions about privacy (this allowed Zuckerberg to turn nearly every question about the ownership of data to a discussion about user interface controls that limit where data is shown to other Facebook users), plenty of dodged questions (every time there was a question about the data Facebook generates about users beyond what they themselves enter into the system Zuckerberg needed to “check with his team”), and bad questions that presumed Facebook sells data, letting Zuckerberg run out the clock at least three times by explaining the basics of Facebook’s business model (this is precisely why I have been so outspoken about the problem of perpetrating this falsehood: it lets Facebook off the hook)."

Ben Thompson, Stratechery


Two: Giving Tweetbot a More Accessible Design

"...I’ve spent the last several weeks back on Tweetbot, because I still have great fondness and respect for it. More to the point, however, I wanted to revisit the app and see how it compares to the official app. I’ve identified a few bullet point enhancements Tapbots that would greatly increase its accessibility..."

Steven Aquino


Three: As Consumer Virtual Reality Lags, Commercial Interest Grows

"The Virtual Reality headset market has taken its fair share of lumps in the last 18 months, as the industry has struggled to find the right combination of hardware, software, and pricing to drive consumer demand. But while consumers are proving a hard sell, many in the industry have found an increasing number of companies willing and eager to try out virtual reality for a growing list of commercial use case. A recent IDC survey helps shed some light on this important trend."

Tom Mainelli, Tech.pinions


Five: The Case for Custom Watch Faces

"The Apple Watch is not in trouble by any means, but it’s going down a slightly dubious path. Every few months there’s some sort of story about a popular app removing its Apple Watch app. It’s greeted by some as more evidence that the Apple Watch is failing, while others rationalize it as “an experience that doesn’t make sense on the Watch.”

Matt Bircher, Birchtree