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Tweetbot has been my favorite Twitter app for years now. I originally started using Tweetbot when Tweetbot 2 was out for iPhone, and I've loved it ever since. I remember impatiently waiting for the launch of Tweetbot's iOS 7 redesign, Tweetbot 3. Tapbots took longer than other Twitter client developers, but the released product was well worth the wait. I'm excited to see how Tweetbot takes advantage of iOS 8 functionality in the coming weeks, and I'll be sure to share any updates that come.

Purpose & Functionality

Tweetbot is a Twitter client that offers a list of features unlike any other. Ellis Hamburger from The Verge said of Tweetbot 3, "…the app is still undeniably the most powerful Twitter client for iPhone." I've included a list of some of my favorite features in Tweetbot 3, but I'd also suggest watching the video above.

  • Drafts allow those of us who sometimes get distracted mid-tweet or are super particular about how we word things to save our work. (Yes, I mean you, @CRShockley_ & @JordanWellin.)
  • Tweetbot's media timeline makes a timeline of image and video tweets.
  • Gestures are intuitive and easy. You just swipe right to favorite or reply and swipe left for more detailed information about the tweet like any reply's, the number of favorites, the number of retweets, the exact time of the tweet, and the app used to tweet. When viewing an image, you can sling it away in any direction.
  • If you use lists, you should check out Tweetbot's awesome list support.
  • Search in Tweetbot is fantastic.
  • Muting people, keywords, hashtags and clients for a set period of time (or forever) makes dodging spoilers or a ranting friend easy and painless.
  • Saving to Instapaper is a breeze, and saving to Pinboard, Pocket, Readability and Reading List is also available.
  • Seperate settings for each Twitter account makes Tweetbot great for those of us with multiple accounts.

Rating: simplicity, usefulness, beauty and necessity

  • Simplicity. (9/10) Tweetbot works how a Twitter app should. Its gestures and animations are unique, polished and intuitive.
  • Usefulness. (10/10) I use Tweetbot daily for everything that I don't schedule with Buffer. Its list of features makes it the most useful Twitter app in the app store.
  • Beauty. (9/10) I love the way Tweetbot 3 looks and feels. It includes a lot of detailed settings and functionality in a simple, clean design.
  • Necessity. (8/10) If you use Twitter on a daily basis, I'd suggest giving Tweetbot a try.
  • Stickiness. (9/10) As I said above, I've been using Tweetbot for years now. The only time I've strayed was for a few weeks when I was waiting for the iOS 7 redesign, and that has more to do with my impatience than an issue with Tweetbot.


You can download Tweetbot from the Apple App Store.

Tapbots also has a Mac version available from the Mac App Store and a soon-to-be-updated iPad app still available from the Apple App Store.

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