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Airbnb settle suit with the city of San Francisco

Carolyn Said reporting for the San Francisco Chronicle:

"Airbnb and HomeAway settled a lawsuit against San Francisco on Monday by agreeing to help the city ensure that all local hosts are registered. The agreement caps a multiyear struggle by Airbnb’s hometown to rein in burgeoning vacation rentals, which critics say divert precious housing stock into the lucrative travel market."

This intersection of government and technology-based startups will only become more common.

Technology companies continue to enter and disrupt large industries with established regulations. They've been able to do this in many cases (Uber) by finding loopholes or ignoring the laws long enough to gain public acceptance (and hence negotiation power).

But eventually, once the slow-moving government processes take effect, deals are made and regulations are enacted and obeyed.

Read on the San Francisco Chronicle. 

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