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Microsoft Unveils New Surface Pro Device to Reverse Sales Drop

Dina Bass reporting for Bloomberg:

"Microsoft Corp. unveiled a new version of its Surface Pro tablet and laptop combination device with more powerful chips and better battery life, updating an aging product with declining sales that hurt financial results last quarter.

"The Redmond, Washington-based company introduced the fifth version of the Surface Pro at an event in Shanghai, the first time it’s held the launch of a major product outside the U.S. Microsoft also announced a version of Windows 10 for use by the Chinese government and state-owned enterprises, ending a standoff over the operating system by meeting the government’s requests for increased security and data control.

"Surface Pro is the workhorse of the company’s computer hardware line. It’s the biggest seller among the Surface devices, a category that Microsoft created -- the two-in-one, or a tablet with a removable keyboard. Yet Microsoft’s Pro 3 and 4 are aging, and partners like Lenovo Group Ltd. and HP Inc. have come out with their own Windows-based versions, that give Microsoft software revenue but take away hardware sales. Meanwhile Apple’s take on the category, the iPad Pro, has been stealing market share. 

"Those factors contributed to a 26 percent drop in Surface sales last quarter. The new version should turn that around, said Yusuf Mehdi, who oversees marketing for devices and Windows. The device has 13.5 hours of battery life, a 50 percent improvement over the previous version, and runs Intel Corp.’s faster seventh generation Core chips.

WWDC is coming around the corner, and Apple is rumored to be announcing updates to their Mac lineup then.

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Analysis of the WannaCry Ransomeware Attack

Ben Thompson writing for his publication, Stratechery:

"WannaCry is a type of malware called 'ransomware': it encrypts a computers’ files and demands payment to decrypt them. Ransomware is not new; what made WannaCry so destructive was that it was built on top of a computer worm — a type of malware that replicates itself onto other computers on the same network (said network, of course, can include the Internet)."

This thing started way back in 2001. Ben covers the timeline from then til now, talks about the blame going around, gets to the root of why WannaCry happened in the first place and offers a serious solution.

It's well worth a read.

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Microsofts Announces Windows-like Approach to Smart Speakers

Microsoft is taking an expressly Windows-like approach to getting their voice assistant, Cortana, into people's homes. They are providing the software and backend infrastructure, and third-party OEMs are making and selling the hardware. 

Harman Kardon's has already announced their product, a Cortana speaker called Invoke, and we now know that HP will be making a competing home speaker.

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Microsoft takes on Chrome OS with Windows 10 S

Microsoft announced a new stripped-down operating system today called Windows 10 S. It takes an approach similar to Chromebooks (or iOS) in that it only allows apps to be installed from the Windows Store.

They also announced that laptops running Windows 10 S will be available for as low as $189. This appears to be a direct response to the Chromebook's rapid growth in the education market.

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