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Google Jumps into Job Search

Jessica Guynn writing for USA Today:

"Google's mission is to steer people to the information they need in their daily lives. One crucial area the Internet giant says could use some work: Jobs.

"So Google is launching a new feature, Google for Jobs, that collects and organizes millions of job postings from all over the web to make them easier for job seekers to find.

"In coming weeks, a Google search for a cashier job in Des Moines or a software engineering gig in Boise will pop up job openings at the top of search results. With Google for Jobs, job hunters will be able to explore the listings across experience and wage levels by industry, category and location, refining these searches to find full or part-time roles or accessibility to public transportation."

Google's jumping into competition with Microsoft-owned LinkedIn,, Indeed and the countless other job search sites out there. It will be interesting to see how effective Google is at using the crawling/SEO data that they have for all of those competitors. They could have the ability to display job results that are simply a compilation of all their competitors efforts.

Read on USA Today.

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