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Watch Andy Rubin on Essential Phone

I was talking with some friends in Slack about this, and a really good point came up. It seems strange that Essential didn't hold a presentation where they could fully control the message. Instead Rubin went to a third-party event and discussed his new products with a journalist.

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The Essential Phone

Andy Rubin's Essential Phone was announced today and is available for preorder

Dieter Bohn writing for The Verge:

"First, the Android phone basics: the Essential Phone costs $699 with top-of-the-line specs and features. As you can see above, it prominently features an edge-to-edge display that one-ups even the Samsung Galaxy S8 by bringing it all the way to the the top of the phone, wrapping around the front-facing selfie camera...

"Essential is launching the phone in the US to start, and it’s filled the phone with radios that should make it work on all major carriers, alongside usual Android flagship internals like a Qualcomm 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. And because Essential seems to be hanging its hat on the idea of shipping phones without extraneous junk (the designers don’t even put a logo on the exterior), chances seem good that there won’t be a ton of extraneous software laded on to slow the phone down...

"But nice hardware isn’t all that hard to come by on Android phones, so the company is aiming to build an ecosystem of accessories. It starts with a magnetic connector and wireless data transfer. Essential will ship a 360-degree camera that can click in to the top of the phone, and the company will also offer a charging dock. Both connect to the phone with small metal pogo pins. They won’t entirely replace USB-C for most people, but Essential is clearly hoping that they could someday."

This all sounds great, but the real importance of the Essential phone will be determined in how well it competes with the juggernauts in the high-end smartphone space—iPhone and Samsung. 

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Header image from The Verge.