Reviewers Love the iPad Pro 10.5

Reviews of the 10.5 inch iPad Pro started coming out this week, and they've been incredibly positive.

Dieter Bohn, writing for The Verge, said "the iPad Pro 10.5 is so good it’s basically showing off," and Chris Velazco describes the iPad as "where execution and ambition meet" in his review for Engadget.

John Gruber wrote, "I’ve spent the last week using a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro, and this is, in many ways, the easiest product review I’ve ever written. There are several significant improvements to the hardware, and no tradeoffs or downsides. There is no 'but'."

It appears the new hardware paired with the massive productivity updates announced for iOS 11 are a compelling match. This leaves me with some questions:

  • Will the iPad return to growth this quarter? or next?
  • Will more productive/powerful iPads cannibalize sales from the Mac line?
  • Will Apple continue to focus on iPad software? or will they "take a year off" like they did with iOS 10?

Header image from The Verge.

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