My First Experience with Serendipity

I signed up for Serendipity a few weeks ago after first seeing it on Product Hunt. The service is super simple, useful for networking and free. If you’re interested in building connections in your profession, read on.

What is Serendipity?

Serendipity introduces you to one professional every month. You’re only matched with other people who’ve signed up for Serendipity. This ensures everyone involved is expecting an introduction and makes it less awkward. For the most part, selections are random (serendipitous?), but you are given some control over who you’re introduced to. You can specify an industry and a location for your matches to be pulled from.

Serendipity Screenshot

I chose “startup” for my industry because I’m interested in learning more about the startup world.

Serendipity Screenshot

I selected “no” for being matched with someone in Houston because I want to meet people from all over the world. That said, being matched with people from your city would obviously make it easier to meet in person, if that’s something you’d enjoy.

How do introductions work?

Serendipity Email Screenshot

Introductions are sent monthly via email like the one above. Each person receives their match’s email address and a link to their public LinkedIn page. Once the email is received each month, it’s up to you or your match to start the conversation. 

How was my first experience with Serendipity?

My first introduction was a Frenchman named Olivier. I began by asking to connect with him on LinkedIn. Although we’ve not worked together or gone to school together, I can connect with him because I received his email address. He hadn’t responded after 1 week. (LinkedIn is pretty low on most people’s priorities.) Next I sent him a quick email, and he responded. We’ve talked a bit about our careers, and I even signed up as beta user for his startup’s app.

Will I continue to use it?

I definitely will. I don’t expect the people I meet to become close friends, but the possibility of meeting and learning from a new person each month for free is too much to pass up. You should check it out:

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