iOS Apps Might be Coming to a Mac Near You and More

One: Magic Leap—Founder of Secretive Start-Up Unveils Mixed-Reality Goggles

"Magic Leap today revealed a mixed reality headset that it believes reinvents the way people will interact with computers and reality. Unlike the opaque diver’s masks of virtual reality – which replace the real world with a virtual one – Magic Leap’s device, called Lightwear, resembles goggles, which you can see through as if you’re wearing a special pair of glasses. The goggles are tethered to a powerful pocket-sized computer, called the Lightpack, and can inject life-like moving and reactive people, robots, spaceships – anything – into a person’s view of the real world."

Brian Crecente, Rolling Stone


Two: iOS Apps Might be Coming to a Mac Near You

"Mark Gurman has the scoop of the week:

Starting as early as next year, software developers will be able to design a single application that works with a touchscreen or mouse and trackpad depending on whether it’s running on the iPhone and iPad operating system or on Mac hardware, according to people familiar with the matter.

"The specifics of this matter a ton in determining how I feel about this situation (assuming it’s true).

"If this amounts to simply having iOS apps open in what amounts to an iOS simulator that looks like a small iPhone screen, then this is not going to be great for anyone. Users will get apps not designed for a mouse an keyboard, and likely can’t tap into macOS in any meaningful way."

Matt Birchler, Birchtree


Three: My Must-Have iOS Apps, 2017 Edition

"With the transition to iPad Pro as my primary computer fully achieved in 2016 and not surprising anymore, in 2017 I turned my attention to three other key areas of my life: working with the MacStories team, managing my time, and finding my favorite apps among many competing alternatives.

"For the first time in several years, I didn't publish a story documenting my journey towards the iPad and iOS in 2017. In many ways, that's a closed chapter of my career: the iPad Pro has convinced millions of people that it can be a suitable replacement for or addition to a Mac; with iOS 11 and its productivity features, Apple only cemented that belief. While part of me misses arguing in favor of the iPad against widespread skepticism, I felt it was time to move on from explaining the "why" of the iPad to helping others get the most out of the device. For this reason, I spent the better part of 2017 covering iOS 11 (first with my wish list, then with an in-depth review), discussing the details of iPad productivity, and creating advanced workflows for Club MacStories."

Federico Viticci, MacStories


Four: Tech Titans Wage War in China’s Next Internet Revolution

"In recent years, tech titans Alibaba Group Holding and Tencent Holdings have competed across a range of mobile internet businesses. Now the duopoly that has defined China’s internet is going to war.

"Industry watchers got a whiff of the brewing conflict earlier this month at the World Internet Conference, an industry event backed by the Chinese government. Alibaba’s Jack Ma, the face of Chinese entrepreneurship, was conspicuously absent from two high-powered dinners attended by industry superstars."

Li Yuan, Wall Street Journal


Five: Google Maps Moat—How far ahead of Apple Maps is Google Maps?

"Over the past year, we’ve been comparing Google Maps and Apple Maps in New York, San Francisco, and London—but some of the biggest differences are outside of large cities."

Justin Obeirne


Bonus: Yoda

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