Grading Apple's 2017 and More

One: Grading Apple's 2017

"Apple had an eventful 2017. Over the span of just a few months, the company updated nearly its entire product line. In addition, we saw Apple unveil a number of noteworthy strategy changes and even a pivot across its major product categories. The year concluded with a handful of high-profile problems including a serious macOS security flaw, delayed software and hardware releases, and the company getting caught in a crisis of its own making involving throttling older iPhones."

Neil Cybart, Above Avalon


Two: Artwork Personalization at Netflix

"For many years, the main goal of the Netflix personalized recommendation system has been to get the right titles in front each of our members at the right time. With a catalog spanning thousands of titles and a diverse member base spanning over a hundred million accounts, recommending the titles that are just right for each member is crucial. But the job of recommendation does not end there. Why should you care about any particular title we recommend? What can we say about a new and unfamiliar title that will pique your interest? How do we convince you that a title is worth watching? Answering these questions is critical in helping our members discover great content, especially for unfamiliar titles. One avenue to address this challenge is to consider the artwork or imagery we use to portray the titles. If the artwork representing a title captures something compelling to you, then it acts as a gateway into that title and gives you some visual “evidence” for why the title might be good for you. The artwork may highlight an actor that you recognize, capture an exciting moment like a car chase, or contain a dramatic scene that conveys the essence of a movie or TV show. If we present that perfect image on your homepage (and as they say: an image is worth a thousand words), then maybe, just maybe, you will give it a try. This is yet another way Netflix differs from traditional media offerings: we don’t have one product but over a 100 million different products with one for each of our members with personalized recommendations and personalized visuals."

Ashok Chandrashekar, Fernando Amat, Justin Basilico and Tony Jebara, The Netflix Tech Blog


Three: How Stripe Designs Beautiful Websites

"Have you ever visited a website and been completely in awe of the elegance and simplicity of its design? For me, that website is Stripe. Stripe is a company that allows people and businesses to accept payments online and in mobile apps. That doesn’t sound like a company that would have an exquisite website design, but look at how Stripe describes themselves on their about page."

Lee Robinson


Four: Amazon shipped more than 5 billion Prime items in 2017

"Amazon’s quest for world domination continued in 2017, and today (Jan. 2) it gave us a peek at how ubiquitous it already is.

"The company said in a press release that it shipped over 5 billion items from its Prime membership service to subscribers in 2017. It added that there are roughly 100 million items eligible for expedited free shipping through Prime, and research suggests Amazon has around 90 million Prime members. (The company has never disclosed how many members it has or what the service’s retention rate is, though it’s estimated to be ridiculously high.)"

Mike Murphy, Quartz


Photo by Elsa Noblet on Unsplash