Flycut Mac App: Reviewed

Flycut improves efficiency by making copy & paste less tedious. I would suggest it for any Mac user.

Purpose & Functionality

Flycut saves a list of what you've copied and lets you paste it in any app. You can set it to save as many as your last 99 copies. This means you don’t have to worry when you copy an account number or piece of code and then accidentally copy something else afterward. You can still paste it by either choose it from the menu or using a shortcut—cmd+shift+v and arrow over to your it.

Flycut Mac Screenshot
Flycut Mac Screenshot

If you work with code, this functionality will save you tons of time. Flycut was created with developers in mind. If you don't code, it can still be a useful tool for writing, researching, or just browsing the web.

Rating: simplicity, usefulness, beauty and necessity

  • Simplicity. (10/10) Flycut is as simple as it gets.
  • Usefulness. (9/10) I use Flycut every day. It saves me time and makes developing and writing much easier.
  • Beauty. (8/10) Flycut is so simple that it's beautiful.
  • Necessity. (9/10) Sometimes I wonder why Flycut isn’t built right into OSX. It may not be necessary for everyone, but it is an integral part of my workflow.
  • Stickiness. (10/10) Once you get used to working with Flycut you’ll never want to stop.





Flycut is an open sources app. It is available in the Apple app store, or you can find it on github.

Special thanks to Tory Martin for introducing me to Flycut last summer.

Header image from Unsplash.