Why a Company Spent $100M to Revamp Their Design Culture

One: Apple’s Next Big Thing: Augmented Reality

"Tim Cook has talked up a lot of technologies since becoming Apple Inc.'s chief executive in 2011. Driverless cars. Artificial intelligence. Streaming television. But no technology has fired up Cook quite like augmented reality, which overlays images, video and games on the real world. Cook has likened AR's game-changing potential to that of the smartphone. At some point, he said last year, we will all "have AR experiences every day, almost like eating three meals a day. It will become that much a part of you."

by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg Technology

My thoughts on Augmented Reality can be found here. 😄


Two: Now We Know Why Microsoft Bought LinkedIn

"Six months after Microsoft announced plans to pay more than $26 billion for LinkedIn, we now know even more about why the career-focused social networking site was so valuable. Today, Microsoft revealed that LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman has joined its board."

by Jessi Hempel, Backchannel


Three: IBM Head of Design, Phil Gilbert, wields $100M and 1,300 designers to bring design back to IBM


Four: Liability is a massive problem for autonomous care

by Richard Windsor, Radio Free Mobile


Five: The End of Smartphone Innovation

"This autumn Apple will release a new iPhone design, and the fact that it postponed a new design and kept the 6 design for three years instead of two suggests it has something that will attract attention. However, it will really still 'just' be another iPhone. Meanwhile, we have some indications that Apple is working on AR glasses (of which more later) and certainly was working on a car project - but neither of these is likely to see a mass-market consumer release for a year or two at the least (cars perhaps longer). So, expect a lot more 'innovation dead at Apple!' stories."

by Benedict Evans


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