DNA as Data Storage, iOS Macs and More

One: DNA could be the future of data storage

"The world is churning out so much data that hard drives may not be able to keep up, leading researchers to look at DNA as a possible storage medium. DNA is ultra compact, and doesn’t degrade over time like cassettes and CDs. In a new study, Yaniv Erlich and Dina Zielinski demonstrate DNA’s full potential and reliability for storing data."

by Katherine Lindermann, ResearchGate


Two: What if you put iOS on a Mac?

by Matt Birchler, Birchtree


Three: The Trouble with Silicon Valley's I.P.O Optimism

"It’s been a while since Silicon Valley had reason to smile. Last week was especially brutal, most of all for Uber, which is reckoning with both a sexual-harassment scandal—not the Valley’s first—and a major lawsuit over alleged intellectual-property theft."

by Om Malik, The New Yorker


Four: This Shanghai Factory Plans to Replace All of Its Human Workers

by David Axe, Motherboard


Five: How location-based, persistent reminders could change the game for iOS

by Matt Birchler, Birchtree


(Bonus) More Twitter laughs. 

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