Computer-Brain Interfaces, Apple's Mothership, I/O and More

One: Drones Go to Work

"Every morning at the construction site down the street from my office, the day starts with a familiar hum. It’s the sound of the regular drone scan, when a small black quadcopter flies itself over the site in perfect lines, as if on rails. The buzz overhead is now so familiar that workers no longer look up as the aircraft does its work. It’s just part of the job, as unremarkable as the crane that shares the air above the site. In the sheer normalness of this — a flying robot turned into just another piece of construction equipment — lies the real revolution."

Written by Chris Anderson, Harvard Business Review


Two: Neuralink and the Brain's Magical Future

"Last month, I got a phone call.


"Okay maybe that’s not exactly how it happened, and maybe those weren’t his exact words. But after learning about the new company Elon Musk was starting, I’ve come to realize that that’s exactly what he’s trying to do."

This thing is super long, but Tim keeps it entertaining along the way. If you don't have time to read the whole thing, skip to Part 3, scroll down to the header for 3B, and skim from there. 

Written and Sketched by Tim Urban, Wait But Why


Three: Apple's New Campus: An Exclusive Look Inside the Mothership

Steven Levy published an exclusive look at Apple's new "spaceship" campus this week. It's long, detailed and full of incredible photography from Dan Winters. 

Written by Steven Levy, Photographs by Dan Winters, Wired Magazine


Four: WannaCry about Business Models

An in-depth look at WannaCry Ransomware, why it happened and how a shift in prevailing business models may hamper these types of attacks moving forward. I linked to this piece earlier in the week as part of Daily Considerations.

Ben Thompson, Stratechery


Five: What You Should Care About From Google's I/O Conference

"During a two hour keynote presentation at its I/O developer conference, Alphabet Inc.'s Google showed off its prowess in the technology world's hottest field: artificial intelligence. From its voice-based digital Assistant to photo sharing and automatic image recognition, AI is everywhere it can possibly be in Google's product portfolio. Here's what you should care about from the event's main stage on day one."

Written by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg Technology


Bonus: Another Nerdy Tweet 😄


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Header image from Dan Winters,