Why & How I Listen to Audiobooks


I love audiobooks. They’ve been a regular part of my life for five years. When I work out, drive into Houston, fold laundry or just have some spare time, I’ll open my Audible app and begin listening. Audiobooks transform my time, teach me, inspire me, change me, and I believe they can do the same for you, if you give them a chance.

I hear people oppose audiobooks because listening to a book is not reading. I agree that they are different experiences, but a new form of learning shouldn’t be rejected because it is different. Listening to audiobooks doesn’t replace the need to read. It augments our opportunities to learn by providing information in an alternative form.


Audible is my go-to audiobook resource for three main reasons.

  • First, Audible saves me money. Audible is a subscription—$15 a month for a credit. Each credit can be traded for an audiobook. This amounts to $15 for each audiobook. If you visit iTunes or Barnes and Noble, you’ll notice that the average audiobook will cost you $30 or more.
  • Second, Audible has an enormous library with great variety.
  • Third, Audible has a wide range of options for listening to your purchases. Once you’ve signed up, you can listen to Audible audiobooks on the Audible Cloud Player, iTunes or Audible Manager. You can also download the Audible app for your phone (iPhone, Android Phone, Windows Phone) and tablet (iPad, Android Tablet, Windows 8).

If you haven't tried it yet, sign up for Audible on Audible.com, and you’ll get one book free!


Header photo from Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash.