Apps: A New Category of Posts

I love apps. I spend a lot of time researching, testing and (gasp) even buying them. They can be simple, useful, beautiful and sometimes life saving. But sadly they are often the exact opposite. That's why I'm starting a series of blog posts discussing apps. I will cover a variety of apps on different platforms, beginning with iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows 7. I've chosen to do this because those are the platforms that I have access to, but over time I would love to expand.

Each post will consist of four main sections:

  1. Explanation of purpose
  2. Description of basic functionality
  3. Rating of the app in four main categories—simplicity, usefulness, beauty and necessity
  4. List of alternatives

I will only write about apps that I have tested myself. I plan to share apps that I use on a daily basis, that have recently been released or improved and apps that intrigue me.

Keep an eye out for at least one post in my app series a week. I am excited to get started!

Thanks for reading.