Apple's iPhone X Event

One: Steve Jobs' Legacy & The iPhone X

"If you total up the energy spent debating the merits and demerits of the Apple iPhone X event and various devices announced today, odds are that you could actually power another keynote, one where the basic question is why: why does the iPhone X matter? Why it’s even possible and where it could lead us – and why Apple is best positioned to lead us there. The answer is as obvious as what you would expect Jony Ive to say in one of the promotional videos for a new device: the ability to marry design, user experience, software and hardware. And the silicon. Every single event leaves me more in awe of Apple’s semiconductor group – and what they seem to achieve with each passing year."

Om Malik


Two: Apple iPhone X Event in 15 Minutes

This is a really solid overview of the full event (not just the iPhone X portion).


Four: Elevate: Apple and Attention to Detail

"Ben Bajarin shares his experience at Apple’s fall event as they launched not only many new tech products but the Steve Jobs theater."

This is a brand new podcast from my friend Ben Bajarin. You can subscribe to it on Apple Podcasts, Overcast or wherever else you listen to podcasts.


Five: The Lessons and Questions of the iPhone X and the iPhone 8

"It’s tempting — and easy — to be cynical about the richest company in the world beginning its annual unveiling of new products with what effectively amounted to a promotional video for a building custom-built at enormous expense for said unveiling, set to the soundtrack of John Lennon singing “All You Need is Love”."

Ben Thompson, Stratechery


Bonus: iPhone X Humor


Bonus 2: Apple’s A11 Bionic: The Core of Apple’s Competitive Advantage

This is paid content, but it's quite insightful and worth a read.


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Photo from iPhone X Press Kit

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