Apple at Its Best and More

One: Apple at Its Best

"The history of Apple being doomed doesn’t necessarily repeat, but it does rhyme."

Ben Thompson, Stratechery


Two: What Tesla’s Model 3 UI Reveals About Its Vision for the Future

"If you’re a designer/car enthusiast this post is for you. I’ve broken down the details of the dashboard controls and interface of the Tesla Model 3, the first mass-market, touchscreen only electric car. The car’s UI design tells us a great deal about Tesla’s long term strategy, and their eyes toward a driverless future."

Tom Johnson, Figma Blog


Three: iPhone X Camera Review: Guatemala

"I’m here capturing another amazing Ker & Downey adventure and have been testing the iPhone X along the way. Although I just conducted my iPhone 8 Plus Camera Review in India recently, I wanted to get out and capture the unique aspects of the iPhone X.

"This is a big year: an entirely new body, a new screen, a better 2x lens. There are a lot of changes."

Austin Mann


Four: How Strava, The App For Athletes, Became An App For Cities

"Every 40 days, a million people join Strava. It’s a staggering number for a niche social network aimed at athletes–but then again, Strava came along at the right time. The company, which was founded in 2009, has grown up alongside a groundswell of new cyclists and walkers in communities around the U.S. By some counts, commuting by bike has grown by more than 60% over the past decade, with walkers also increasing by leaps and bounds. While Strava’s core users tend to be athletes, it actively courts commuters as well: About half of the activities recorded through its app are commutes, rather than workouts."

Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan, Co.Design


Five: Face ID: when not unlocking your iPhone X builds Your Confidence

"The iPhone X has now been in the hands of reviewers for just over a week and in the hands of real-life customers for a bit less than that. A lot is different, but the focus of many early reviews was Face ID, the most significant change of all. In a way, Face ID is the “mother of all changes” for iPhone X. Because Face ID replaced Touch ID, the UI on iPhone X has been redesigned with new gestures that let you navigate the content on your phone effortlessly although those gestures are still somewhat foreign to users."

Carolina Milanesi, Tech.pinions


Bonus: Used Car Commercial for a 1996 Honda Accord

Some guy made this incredible commercial for his girlfriends used car.


Photo by Koby Kelsey on Unsplash

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