AirPods 2.0, Wakandan Technology and More

One: Apple Plans Upgrades to Popular AirPods Headphones

"Apple Inc., seeking to bolster its wearables business, is working on upgrades to its wireless AirPods headphones, according to people familiar with the matter.

"Like with its mobile devices — the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch — Apple intends to frequently update the AirPods with new hardware features. The Cupertino, California-based technology giant is working on a new version for release as soon as this year with an upgraded wireless chip, the people said. A subsequent model for as early as next year is planned to be water resistant, they added, asking not to be identified discussing private product plans."

Mark Gurman, Bloomberg Technology


Two: Facebook's Fake Account Problem Is Getting Bigger

"The 37-page indictment by the U.S. special counsel Robert Mueller against 13 Russian nationals makes one thing clear – the Russian Propaganda Machine (R.P.M.) was super efficient in using Facebook thanks to the use of a lot of fake accounts and smart targeting. And guess what, it is a growing problem for Facebook, as its most recent 10K filing reveals."

Om Malik,


Three: Google's Nemesis

"Google was guilty. The European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager, made that brutally clear. “Google abused its market dominance,” Vestager declared as she announced her judgement in Brussels on June 27, 2017. She handed Google a £2.1 billion fine – the largest antitrust penalty ever handed to a single company, and gave it 90 days to change its ways."

Rowland Manthorpe, Wired


Four: Amazon plans to open as many as six more cashierless Amazon Go stores this year

"Amazon’s much-heralded convenience store of the future, Amazon Go, may seem like a crazy experiment. But the company plans to open as many as six more of these storefronts this year, multiple people familiar with the company’s plans have told Recode.

"Some of the new high-tech stores are likely to open in Amazon’s hometown of Seattle, where the first location is based, as well as Los Angeles, these people said. It’s not clear if Amazon will open up Go stores in any other cities this year."

Jason Del Rey, Recode


Five: Wakandan Technology I Wish We Already Had

"Like millions of other people throughout the US, this weekend, I went with my family to watch “Black Panther” the latest Marvel hero movie. I set through the two hours and fifteen minutes of this celebration of Black ingenuity, strength and power and I marveled – no pun intended – at some of the special effects that showcased the technology made in Wakanda.

"If you are not familiar with the story I can share without spoilers that Wakanda is a reclusive kingdom in Africa with extraordinary technological power mostly by vibranium a material that absorbs kinetic energy rendering it virtually indestructible.  Master in command of most of the technology we see displayed in the movie is Princess Shuri, younger sister to King T’Challa, engineer and scientist extraordinaire and according to my daughter the most powerful woman in Wakanda. There was a lot of tech on display in the movie, but some stood out as something I wished I had access to."

Carolina Milanesi, Tech.pinions


Photo from Unsplash

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