AI is Taking Over the Cloud, Om Interviews Louis Rossetto and More

One: AI is Taking Over the Cloud

"The cloud is getting smarter by the minute. In fact, it will soon know more about the photos you’ve uploaded than you do.

"Cloud storage company Box announced today that it is adding computer-vision technology from Google to its platform. Users will be able to search through photos, images, and other documents using their visual components, instead of by file name or tag. “As more and more data goes into the cloud, we’re seeing they need more powerful ways to organize and understand their content,” says CEO Aaron Levie."

Will Knight, MIT Technology Review


Two: Om Interviews Louis Rossetto

"Louis Rossetto, co-founder of Wired magazine, recently announced the publication of his first novel, Change is Good, a collaborative art project with designer and typographer Erik Spiekermann. 

"Last week, I met Louis and we walked down a memory lane, talking about our publishing lives, disappointments and emotional challenges of breaking up with something you create. We pondered about the state of the media, the emergence of President Trump and why we need to be optimistic about the future. 

"Here is an edited version of my conversation with someone I admire deeply."

Om Malik,


Three: Small is Beautiful (Sometimes)

"A couple of weeks ago, I wrote in this space about the increasingly self-reinforcing dominance of a group of very large companies in the tech industry. Those companies, I argued, have made it all but impossible for smaller companies to break into the industry, to grow, and to build sustainable businesses without being either wiped out or acquired in the process by the industry’s giants. However, though as a general rule all of that is true, there are some exceptions out there, in the form of a handful of small but successful companies that have somehow managed to survive surrounded by much larger competitors. It’s worth looking at some of them and how they’ve achieved what they have, to see if there are lessons for others."

Jan Dawson, Tech.pinions


Four: Apple Has the Best Business Model for Generating Cash

"Apple is generating obscene amounts of cash. The company recently reported nearly $6 billion of free cash flow during what is typically its weakest quarter of the year. Over the last 12 months, Apple earned $51B of free cash flow. This is more than any other company earned. It is easy to chalk up Apple's financial success to the iPhone and call it a day. However, upon closer examination, Apple's business model predisposes the company to cash generation unlike any other firm in Silicon Valley. In fact, Apple currently possesses the best business model in the world when it comes to generating cash."

Neil Cybart, Above Avalon


Five: The Uber Dilemma

"By far the most well-known “game” in game theory is the Prisoners’ Dilemma. Albert Tucker, who formalized the game and gave it its name in 1950, described it as such..."

Ben Thompson, Stratechery


Bonus: Bentley


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