AAPL market cap reaches record $812 billion as analyst raises target to $1 trillion

Jordan Kahn writing for 9TO5Mac:

"Apple’s market cap has reached a new record high of over $800 billion ($812 billion at the time of publishing), with shares of AAPL hitting a high of 153.70 during trading today.

"The record market cap for AAPL comes one week after the company reported its fiscal Q2 earnings . Alongside the record today analysts have raised price targets for the stock, notably Drexel Hamilton analyst Brian White (via CNBC) predicting $202 a share, which would make Apple the first company to pass a $1 trillion market cap. White even called the estimate “pretty conservative” as most analyst outlooks remain quite positive as we head towards the introduction of an expected major iPhone upgrade cycle this fall."

Apple has a strong lead in the race to $1 trillion, and it's getting stronger. Their only real competitor at this point is Amazon.

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Header image from 9TO5Mac.