A Rare Interview with the Founder of WhatsApp and More

One: A Rare Interview with the Founder of WhatsApp

"WhatsApp co-founder Jam Koum invited a Russian journalist to his office for the first time. He explained how WhatsApp changed after merging with Facebook, why he dislikes being a manager and how he imagines the future of WhatsApp."

by Darya Luganskaya, Medium


Two: Snapchat Doesn't Know What It Wants to Be Yet

"Snapchat executives had a coherent message when they pitched the company's initial public offering: It will never be for everyone in the world. It didn't have and didn't want the global masses of Facebook with its nearly 1.3 billion daily users in every corner of the world...

"...Less than three months after the IPO, Snapchat's mission statement is far less coherent. "We believe that Snapchat is for everyone," CEO Evan Spiegel said on an earnings conference call on Wednesday."

by Shira Ovide, Boomberg


Three: Predictably Profitable, Unpredictably Valuable

"Predicting Apple’s yearly revenues has been fairly easy. The following graph shows the relationship between budgeted spending on Machinery, Equipment, Internal-use software, Land & Buildings and the shipment of iOS device revenues.

Apple's Forecast vs Actual

"The company conveniently publishes a full-year forecast of these expenditures every fiscal year so by October we know roughly how sales will be during the following year. This pattern has held for 10 years so there is little uncertainty about the 11th year of iOS devices."

by Horace Dediu, Asymco


Four: Amazon not Standing Still in Pursuit of Voice-First Homes

"On Tuesday, Amazon launched Echo Show. After weeks of speculation, and a few leaked pictures, we finally have it: Alexa has a screen. You can now see music lyrics with Amazon Music, video clips, cameras, live video calls, Prime photos, recipes from YouTube, and more. You can still navigate all of that with your voice despite the 7″ screen being touch-enabled. Priced at $229.99, Echo Show is available for preorders now and ships on June 28th. I had the opportunity to sit through an extensive demo of the device and was surprised at how much I liked the screen."

by Carolina Milanesi, Techpinions


Five: The Local News Business Model

"It’s hardly controversial to note that the traditional business model for most publishers, particularly newspapers, is obsolete. Absent the geographic monopolies formerly imposed by owning distribution, newspapers have nothing to offer advertisers: the sort of advertising that was formerly done in newspapers, both classified and display, is better done online. And, contra this rather fanciful suggestion by New York Times media columnist Jim Rutenberg that advertisers prop up newspapers for the good of democracy, nothing is going to change that..."

by Ben Thompson, Stratechery


(Bonus) The King of Jenga!


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