A History of Microsoft's Design, Apple's Clips App, and More

One: How One Startup Went up Against Ben Thompson’s All-Encompassing Aggregation Theory …And lived to tell the tale.

"There is no escaping Ben Thompson’s aggregation theory in today’s world. Perhaps the world’s most sought-after technology analyst, Thompson, of Stratechery, first introduced the term in a July 2015 post. Aggregation theory describes how several of the most influential technology companies today came to dominate."

by Abhishek Madhavan, Backchannel


Two: Product People, Mind the Gap!

"Ask yourself a simple question and create a product that people love...

"Every single time someone uses software, they’re aiming to be transported from the situation they’re currently in (and don’t want to be in anymore) to a situation that they’d rather be in.

"Figuring out what has to happen in getting them from one situation to the other is our principal job."

by Samuel Hullick, UserOnboard


Three: A Brief History of Design: How I came to appreciate Microsoft’s design roots

"It is easy to question everything designed before you when you join a new company. I mean, why the heck would a scroll bar be red in Windows 2.0 … what could they have possibly been thinking?! But while it may be fun and easy to criticize the past, it is crucial to ask the question “why?” To realize that those who came before were pretty damn cutting-edge, and that each design decision carries the baggage of late nights, pulled hair, teamwork, innovation, and expertise."

by Juliette Weiss, Microsoft Design


Four: Even Millennials Don’t Know What to Do with Tablets

"This week marks the 7th anniversary of the iPad’s availability on the market. The Verge reminds us of their initial take on the product. There were two main stands iPad reviewers took back in 2010. Some industry watchers thought the iPad could become the next computing platform — at least for some people. Others believed the iPad would mainly be successful with users with extra disposable income as well as users who wanted a simpler computing experience and did not need much."

by Carolina Milanesi, Tech.pinions


Five: Clips could be Apple’s most addictive content creation app ever

"Creativity is a shared urge. We all have it, but many stumble on the execution. It’s why we’re not all pro photographers, musicians and movie makers. 

"If you simplify the tools and put them within easy reach of enough people, that starts to change. We’ve seen it with the proliferation of stories across a wide-range of broadly available social media platforms."

by Lance Ulanoff, Mashable


(Bonus) My First Clip


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