5 Ways I Use My Apple Watch Every Day & 1 Way I Should

A week ago today, I was excitedly unpacking my birthday gift, an Apple Watch. I'd read all about the specs and features, but I wasn't sure which aspects of the watch I would use in my day-to-day life. One week later, I can see 5 ways I use my Apple Watch every day and 1 way I should.

1: Receive Notifications

This is by far the most useful feature for me. You can control which apps send notifications to your watch, and I chose to narrow that down to a select few—Messages, Phone, Activity, Omnifocus and Fantastical.

When I'm in a meeting and a phone call comes in, I no longer have to choose between fishing my phone out of my pocket to see who it is and completely ignoring the call. Now I can glance at my watch and tell whether I need to answer right away or call back in a few minutes. This same convenience applies to more than just meetings (driving home, washing dishes, talking with a friend) and more than just phone calls (messages, tasks, meetings and whatever else you want to receive notifications from).

2: Find My Next Meeting

My workday is full of meetings, and knowing what is coming up next is extremely helpful. With Apple Watch I can glance down at my wrist and easily see what and when my next meeting is right on my watch face (no taps required).

3: Track My Steps & More

The Apple Watch replaces my UP24. It records my steps, calories burned and heart rate. Along with tracking these things, the built-in Activities app helps you set goals for becoming more active throughout the day. And just like the UP24, it reminds me to stand up and move around when I've been stagnant for too long. As someone with a desk job, I find these reminders very helpful.

4: Check The Time

Before the Apple Watch, I didn't wear a watch at all. I've used my phone to check the time since middle school. At first I found myself reaching for my phone instinctively instead of looking at my watch, but one week in, I can already see the habit breaking.

5: Check The Weather

I love a good weather app, but I tend to forget to check them in the morning before I head out. With Apple Watch, I raise my wrist and see the temperature right on my watch face (no taps), and if I need more detail, one tap brings me to the days forecast.

1 Way I Should Be Using My Apple Watch

I haven't worked out a single time in the week I've owned an Apple Watch. I have my excuses, but if I'm honest with you, my lack of exercise is becoming a habit. That being said, I should be using my Apple Watch to record my workouts.

The Apple Watch comes with a Workout app to record your progress and help you improve over time. It also encourages you to work out more through the goals in the Activity app I mentioned above.

If you're someone who already works out regularly with a 3rd-party app like Runkeeper, Strava or Nike+ Running, you're in luck. Many of the major workout apps already have Apple Watch versions.

I'd love to hear what you think about it. Is the Apple Watch something you're interested in buying? Do you have one? If you do, how you use it?