5 Links on Technology and Business Strategy

One: Manifestos and Monopolies

by Ben Thompson, Stratechery

"Today the fundamental impact of the Internet is to make distribution itself a cheap commodity — or in the case of digital content, completely free. And that, by extension, is why I have long argued that the Internet Revolution is as momentous as the Industrial Revolution: it is transforming how and where economic value is generated, and thus where power resides..."


Two: Ben Thompson explains the great unbundling (Video)

an interview between Ben Thompson and Peter Kafka, Code Media 2017.


Three: Apple Doesn't Need to Buy Netflix

"Calls for Apple to buy Netflix are getting louder. Instead of evaluating whether Apple should buy Netflix, a more valuable question is whether or not Apple actually needs to buy Netflix to accomplish its goals. Upon closer examination, it becomes clear that calls to buy Netflix are misplaced as Apple is chasing after something entirely different in the video streaming space." 

by Neil Cybart, Above Avalon


Four: Facebook and Snapchat: metrics versus creation

"There's a pretty common narrative that Google & Facebook have a lot of control of the internet, in that they choose where you go and what you see. While this is true in an obvious sense, it also misses something important: Google and Facebook don't have fundamental control over what's actually in your search results or your news feed.

by Benedict Evans


Five: 12 Things about Product-Market Fit

by Tren Griffen, a16z


Bonus: A doggo and encryption in the same twitter joke


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