The Remarkable Power of “Yes” and “No”

Early in childhood, we learn the words “yes” and “no”. They are two of the most common words in the English language as well as two of the most powerful. We speak them every day, almost ignorant of their influence, but if we hope to harness their remarkable power, we must acknowledge it.

The Power of “Yes”:

“Yes” holds the power to open doors, encourage others, provide excitement, remove obstacles and improve lives, but "yes" can just as easily overwhelm others, stagnate growth, stifle innovation and remove what Michael Hyatt calls margin from our lives.

The Power of “No”:

“No” possesses the power to discourage productivity, undo improvement, kill excitement and thwart change, but on the flip side, “No” makes it possible to remove distractions, make room for growth, prevent obstacles and encourage that same margin.

Wielding "Yes" and "No":

The next time you're asked to answer "yes" or "no", stop, acknowledge the power of those words and prepare to wield them well.

ThoughtsTimothy Buck