Work for Fun

“Work” can mean many different things. I checked, and it provides 13 different definitions for the noun form of the word. Most of them don’t sound fun at all. Those of us who are lucky enough (or young enough) to enjoy our careers are a minority. Last year around this time, Gallup released a study entitled State of the American Workplace. The study reported that only 30% of the 150,000 people polled claim to enjoy their jobs.

When I was in school, I didn’t always enjoy my courses, but each semester I made it a point to be extremely involved in different types of side work. As I mentioned in my bio, I worked part-time jobs, volunteered in the community, and got involved in my church. Interestingly enough, some of my work was key in preparing me for my position at HP. Although I was a business major, I spent 2 years working IT, 1 yr working as a web developer for a software company and a summer splitting my time between a business internship and web development position for a marking firm. I also worked for three years on the yearbook staff for my university. These positions, combined with a degree in international business, gave me easy talking points in my interviews. I did not plan this. I worked on the side because I enjoyed it, and God used it to prepare me for my future career.

Whether you like your job or not, I would suggest that you find some other type of work that you do enjoy (apart from your career). Get involved in your church. Volunteer at a local charity. Start a side project to create something that we don’t have enough of in the world. Work for fun. It’ll be worth it.

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