Thoughts on Reading

We as humans fall into routines. We form habits that oftentimes we wish we hadn’t formed. I’m in the middle of trying to break a habit. I read a lot: the next article on my Twitter feed, the tenth Medium post that morning, or the ever-so-tempting listicle. While reading articles and blogposts can be extraordinarily beneficial, I’ve learned that I need to be picky. There is way too much information out there, and most of it is poorly written or simply not true.

My first step toward better reading was to subscribe to The New Yorker. No matter your political or social stance, you must admit that The New Yorker provides some of the best-written content available.

My second step is to put down my iPhone and to read more books. I have a book list that is overflowing and ready to be read through, but my poor reading habits are keeping me from them.

My final step is to ask for advice from you. How do you filter what you read? What’s your go-to source for well-written information on politics, culture, business or whatever you enjoy? I’d love to hear from you.

Header illustration from The New Yorker, March 3, 1973. Arthur Getz. Digital image from Book and Arts

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