Thoughts on Loneliness

Moving to a new city brings with it opportunity—opportunity to learn and change, opportunity for new friends and opportunity for loneliness. Since I moved to Houston, I've experienced loneliness and have had several conversations with friends who have as well. These conversations and my own feelings piqued an interest in the subject of loneliness.

In my thinking and reading, I’ve found that many times loneliness is accompanied by selfishness. This selfishness may be on the part of the lonely, those around them or both. Too often I have shrunk from the sacrifice that is required both to let others in and to pour myself out. This is sad because when we do choose to open up and give of ourselves the body of Christ becomes a place of edifying each other and glorifying God together.

We must learn to be honest about our personal struggles with loneliness and to make known that this topic is open for discussion. Openness along with a concerted effort to invest in others (whether we are lonely or not) will drastically reduce loneliness in the Body of Christ.

ThoughtsTimothy Buck