Thoughts On Christian Community

One of the most striking lessons I’ve learned since moving to Houston is a spiritual one. I have spent my entire life surrounded by a solid community of believers. These people have shaped me, and I can never repay them my debt. Although I’ve intellectually understood the implications of my upbringing, I have not, until recently, given them due regard. Spending nine weeks living alone in a new city has brought me to the realization that I truly and thoroughly need Christian community.

Christian community is much more than visiting a church or sipping lattes at a coffee shop with believing friends. But it isn’t less than that. As I was mulling this over, I did some Googling, and I found this quote in an essay available on the Princeton University Athletes in Action website.

"The foundation for community in our Christian lives rests on God’s Trinitarian nature and his personal interaction with his people. Believers are called to participate in the richness of fellowship with God and fellowship with others in the context of community."

I’ve missed the daily interaction with Jesus-followers, but new characters are quickly being introduced into this chapter of my life. After several weeks of visiting around, I’m attending one local church, trying to remember people’s names, and beginning to enjoy the benefits of the body of Christ here in Houston.

My hope is that I (and you) will be able to build Gospel-centered relationships that keep me (and you) from sin and strengthen the body of Christ.

ThoughtsTimothy Buck