Sleep is a funny thing. Sometimes it makes me laugh when I think about it. At any point in time, people all over the world are lying down, closing their eyes, and staying nearly motionless for hours at a time. If it wasn't so common, I'm sure it would be a disorder of some sort.

I once viewed sleep quite neutrally. To me sleep was needed but not much more. It was part of the mundane that enabled me to do the important things. But the last four years have drastically altered my view of sleep.

Of all my college experiences, my work on The Vintage in particular has impacted my view of sleep the most. (The Vintage is the yearbook at Bob Jones University.) During the three years that I worked on The Vintage, my sleep habits dramatically changed. Official work hours for The Vintage are from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. (or whenever you happen to complete your deadline). Eight o'clock classes most mornings made sleep a precious jewel that I looked for wherever and whenever I could. I'm not suggesting that sleeping less in college is abnormal, but The Vintage in particular made sleep a scarcity in my life.

As I start a new stage of life, there is one big thing that I want to change about my sleep. Yes, sleeping more would be nice, but that's not it. I'd like to put into practice what Benjamin Franklin said,

"Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."

Franklin is right. A consistent sleep pattern is important. It improves health and allows for better planning. Building a stable sleep pattern is now a top priority. With this in mind I've begun using a hugely successful app called Sleep Cycle alarm clock. Sleep Cycle alarm clock tracks your movements as you sleep, evaluates the data it collects, and wakes you up at the best possible time within the 30 minute window you set for waking up. It helps me feel better in the mornings by waking me up when I'm sleeping the lightest. If you'd like to improve your sleep patterns and wake up feeling more refreshed, I would suggest you check it out.

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