Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis


Mere Christianity began as a radio series commissioned by the BBC during World War II. In his broadcasts, Lewis clearly explained and argued for the core tenants of Christianity. He chose to avoid topics that divide Christian denominations but aren’t essential to being a follower of Christ. Although Lewis certainly believed these topics are important, the purpose of his radio series (and later this book) was not to defend a certain denomination but rather to defend and proclaim mere Christianity.

Lewis divided Mere Christianity into four books.

  • Book 1. Right and wrong as a clue to the meaning of universe
  • Book 2. What Christians believe
  • Book 3. Christian behaviour
  • Book 4. Beyond personality: or first steps in the doctrine of the Trinity

He begins his argument from our inherent belief in right and wrong, and he works his way through common objections, the law, God, morality, forgiveness, faith, time and the Trinity. He covers a lot of ground in just over a hundred pages, and he does so logically and faithfully.

C. S. Lewis was much like you and me—he was imperfect. But he wrote a book that I must recommend to Christian and non-Christian alike.

About the author, C. S. Lewis:

In recent years, C. S. Lewis’ work has regained the spotlight. This is mostly true because three Chronicles of Narnia books were made into feature films and grossed a combined $1,579 million. The seven-book series has sold over 100 million copies, according to, but Lewis was much more than a famous fiction writer.

Born in Ireland, Lewis studied and taught at Oxford, fought in the frist World War, converted to Christianity at age 33, earned a reputation as “the most influential Christian apologists of his time” and became chair of Mediaeval and Renaissance Literature at Cambridge (

For more information about C. S. Lewis and a list of all his books, visit The about section includes an interesting timeline of his life and publications.

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