Life and a Laundromat

Guest post by my sister, Jenny Buck McCreedy:

Moving to a big city is an enormous life change. My husband, six month old and I moved to San Francisco, California over three months ago. It has been a shock in many ways–traffic is crazy; cost of living is unbelievably high; parking is horrid; and our new way of life is unique.

One of the biggest adjustments as a housewife and newer mom has been the challenge of laundry. Every Monday morning, I pack up my darks and lights, throw the large Ikea bags in the baby stroller, strap my baby to me, and begin my journey down the street to the laundromat. Some days are easier than others. Laundromats have pros and cons. The extra monthly expense, inability to do laundry whenever needed, hassle and physical energy required with an infant are the biggest cons. The devil desires to keep me meditating on these facts.

Instead of focusing on the difficulties, I want to focus on the benefits. All my loads being done at once, fresh air, exercise, meeting people in our neighborhood, new friends, occasional donut or coffee treats and the opportunity to share Christ with those “stuck” at the Laundromat with us are just the beginning of this list!

When I stop to think about the “inconvenience” of going to a laundromat, I must admit that God has a way of spinning that frustration and turning it into numerous positives (no pun intended). After all, I have a feeling that my great-grandparents and beyond would find this post quite humorous, seeing that laundry used to be much more challenging and inconvenient!

I am thankful. Thankful for the MANY pros, and thankful for the ease of being able to use machines to wash and dry our clothes. Life is good!

Jenny Buck McCreedy

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